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LSI SCAN Live Online

Overcome the barriers of time and space!

SCAN is now available live online in real time!



Using online meeting software, Avinoam Sapir will speak to the class in real timeThe student can participate from any quiet, convenient location via his/her own computer.  (An access code will be provided to each student, enabling participation in LSI’s subscription to the online meeting software.)

The chat function will enable students to ask questions during the class and to receive replies directly from the instructor.

The LSI SCAN Basic Course and Advanced Workshop will be held online in real time on the following dates:

June 14-17, 2010 (8 am to 5 pm, MST)

December 13-16, 2010 (8 am to 5 pm, EST)

Tuition is $800 for the LSI SCAN Basic Class and Advanced Workshop.  Class size is limited to 15 participants.

Let SCAN get the truth for you!